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Le Coulet, 3 impasse de  la mûre 07130 CORNAS

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CORNAS • 11.10 hectares


Biodynamic culture since 2002


Installed since 1998, Matthieu BARRET, 45 years old young winemaker, exploits 20 ha planted on terraces exposed towards the Levant in “Cornas” appellation. On this soil, made up of very degraded old granite named “gore”, Matthieu BARRET has the ambition to create 100% grape 's terroir wines. For the time being, he says, the only input location is sulphur, essential product for the wine preservation when it has to travel, but he tends to reduce doses. We can see vine natural balance by a precise waist which regulates the yield at 23 hl./ha. “High wines are made of “simples” grapes. Any winemaking, even perfect, cannot create what we can get on a natural way. Grape holds this “magic”. So, we cannot destroy it. Our winemaking is “flexible” to let wine to do as it likes in order to express its soil and its vintage”.

For the moment, Matthieu BARRET works four cuvées out, but others special vintages will bear during the next years. The harvest is sent to the tank by gravity. During the vatting, he proceeds to only one daily punching of the cap. Pressing is made at low pressure to avoid hard tannins and clarifying is executed naturally, to protect fruit pureness. Concerning maturing, he uses concrete tank (eggs and classics) to preserve the energy and purity of Matthieu's wines..



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3 Impasse de la Mûre

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